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London Capital Group recently announced massive increases in pre-tax profits and client funds. This is happening across the board, with spread betting being one of the few industries to benefit from the economic turmoil.

Another interesting fact released by LCG was that 90 per cent of their client base is male. This figure is similar across the world of spread betting. Why is it that there are so few women involved? Surely the allegedly more sensible sex would be ideally suited to an industry where making calm, rational decisions in the face of adversity is a serious advantage? Studies conducted by Cantor Index showed that their female members were consistently performing well. Barclays Wealth Management also found that women conducted on average 40 per cent more research than men on every trade, and clearly outperformed them.

It may be due to the male dominated world of stock broking. For years trading has been a largely male pursuit, but now things are changing. As competition in the market increases, spread betting companies are wising up to the importance of securing custom from previously unusual areas. Hopefully, with the ease of access to information and education we now have in the financial world, women who may have otherwise been put off in the past will try and get involved.

Online firms such as Trade Fair are operating in such a way that spread betting is easily accessible to newcomers of any gender. It’s worth taking a look at their site to get a feel for what spread betting involves.

The arena of online poker has seen women users rise to 45 per cent of total punters, which is an impressive figure compared to the measly 10 per cent involved in spread betting. It is something that spread betting firms need to emulate to stay ahead of the pack.

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