Mystery Shopping

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Mystery Shopping – Get Paid to Shopping

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Mystery shopping is used by companies to find out quality of retail service and gather specific information about products and services. Mystery shoppers usually pose as a normal customer and perform specific activities such as buying a product, asking questions, registering complaints or behaving in a certain way. After performing these taks, the mystery shopper provide detailed reports or feedback about their experiences. Mystery shoppers are paid to perform mystery shopping jobs. You will be get paid for your time. It provides an objective measure of customer service in hotels, banks, shops, restaurants, even on public transport.

GFK Mystery Shopping: GFK is one of the largest mystery shopping companies. Join GFK mystery shopping panel and earn extra money doing mystery shopping assignments! As a shopper for GfK you will contribute to improve customer service across the UK and Republic of Ireland, and make shopping a better experience for fellow customers. You will visit a whole range of ‘shopping’ outlets, make mystery calls and even by conducting mystery shopping online at home.

Bare Mystery Shopping: Bare International is one of the largest mystery shopping company and serve a large range of industry, including Restaurants, Banks, Hotels, Retail Clothing Stores, Automotive Sales, Motorcycle Sales, Health and Fitness Clubs, Grocery,Golf Courses, Time Shares, Cellular Phone shops, Phone Call Shops, Furniture Shops, Integrity Bar Shops and more.

Retail Eyes Mystery Shopping: Retail Eyes is a total research, evaluation and development agency with a focus on getting results.Some of the retail eyes clients are Coca cola, Subway and Spirit group.

E-Digital Research: Would you like to earn extra money whilst surfing on the web? We are always on the look-out for new members to join our self-employed team of eMystery Shoppers – monitoring and assessing web sites and reporting on their usability, effectiveness and customer service performance.

NOP Mystery Shopping: NOP is a division of the NOP Research Group, one of Europe’s largest research organisations. We were launched in 1993 in order to co-ordinate all NOP Group mystery shopping activities, to develop further this area of research and to highlight the distinctive features of mystery shopping versus consumer research.

There are a number of companies that pay to shop and eat. There are more than 10 companies that do mystery shopping jobs in India. Bare International is also available in India. make money online taking surveys.

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