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Earn Money from Website – Learn How to Earn Money from Website

Earn Money Online from Blogs and Websites: Blog. Sounds like a funny term especially for those who have never heard of it. I actually did not pay attention to it for quite a while when I was researching ways to earn easy money online or how to make money on the internet. However I do kick myself in the butt now for not realizing the potential and this way to earn money online from website. You should at least know the basics of what you can do with a website and blog. It could help you pay that extra amount toward an unexpected expense next month. Join PayPal paid surveys and get paid by PayPal.

By short definition a blog is an online journal. I remember one of the things that actually kept my attention in sixth grade was when we got to share our journal entries with the class. The stories were usually hilarious and great to hear. We actually got our first lessons on freedom of speech when we had to tone down some issues that were not becoming in sharing with the class. We would still press the issue at times. Get paid to test products for free.

Websites and blogs have become littered all over the web. Despite their numerous intrusions, they are still quite fun and interesting to read and especially so when related to something of our interest. They are easy to set up, promote, and earn easy money online with. Here is what you need to do to get started. Here is a step by step guide to earn money from website and blogs:

  • Find a Keyword that can be Ranked
  • Register a Domain With this Keyword
  • Register Your Domain Name With a Good and Reliable Hosting Service
  • Set Up Your Word Press Website/Blog
  • Post Content Related to Your Keyword for Search Engine Rankings
  • Monetize – Earn Money from Website

Find a Keyword that can be Ranked:

Keywords can earn easy money online or make you go bust if done wrong. Some people just randomly pick them without knowing what to research. If you pick a keyword with too much competition you will loose out.

Whether your blog is promoting a product or just another site, it is important to have the keyword for that product in the URL of your blog. This is crucial in helping you get traffic in the search engines for both your blog and related content it has such as articles.

The Google Keyword Tool is powerful in helping to earn easy money online. Look for a keyword related to my product and enter it in. Try to choose related keywords that have a search rate of 35000-50,000 or less. More than that then you’ll be having a hard time competing in the search engines.

Register a Domain With this Keyword:

It is very important to register a domain with the top keyword you picked that has the least competition and the most relevancy to your blog.

You want to look for a dot com, dot net or dot org extension to earn easy money online. My favorite domain registration site is Namecheap. As the name suggests their prices are reasonable and it is a reliable ICANN approved registration.

Register Your Domain Name With a Good and Reliable Hosting Service:

My personal favorite hosting company is Hostgator.

Use the promo code earnextrarupees and get 25% discount.

Set Up Your Word Press Website/Blog:

This can be done through a feature in your hosting account called Fantastico or Fantastico Deluxe. Click on it and then click on the Word press link to your left. You should pick a user name and password to install your blog with and a sub directory of your website. You can use /articles or /your name. Whatever makes you feel comfortable working with will do.

Once your blog is set up you can log in and pick themes, make posts, and pages, etc. This will help you in posting content.

Post Content Related to Your Keyword for Search Engine Rankings:

It is crucial that your title in your article contains the keyword you are trying to rank for as well as having the keyword in your article to help earn money online from blogs.

This will help in boosting it in the search engines for that term to be ranked and will drive free traffic to you.

Monetize – Earn Money from Website

Once you have some quality webpages in the niche you are targeting and your website receives good amount of traffic (at least 100 visitors a day) then you can think to monetize your content. Some of the ways to monetize a website are Google adsense and affiliate marketing.

Well folks I know this is getting a little long but I hope the information is helpful if you are new to it.

If you have any question regarding how to do keyword research, register a domain name or buy hosting, and setup a WordPress website, please feel free to Contact Us.

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