Adsense Alternatives

Google Adsense Alternatives

In contextual and online advertising Google Adsense is the leader. If you follow their guidelines and TOS you can earn money online from Adsense. Most of the websites and blogs depend on Google Adsense to generate revenue.

Every publishers and webmasters are not happy with Google Adsense and they are looking for alternate ad sources/best adsense alternatives to generate revenue. Google sometimes bans a publisher account for click fraud or not following to their guidelines, policies and forfeit their earnings citing invalid clicks without giving any further explanations. As a webmaster, publisher or a blogger you have to find and look for alternate ad revenue sources. Even if you have an Adsense account, you must have an alternate ad page. Google Adsense is contextual and sometimes it does not find any suitable ads to display on your web page or blog. In this case Google displays Public Service Ads commonly known as PSAs. There are several Ad Programs that you can run along with Google Adsense ads. I highly recommend Bidvertiser as Google Adsense Alternative. Join and Make money from your Website or Blog with BidVertiser

Google will not release payments unless you reach the minimum payout of $100, which may take a small blogger or publisher years to reach. There are several other ad networks which have much lower minimum payouts and pay by Paypal also. Bidvertiser is one of the best adsense alternative program. They have a low 10$ Paypal payout. Bidvertiser is easy to use also. Click here to join Bidvertiser. According to google adsense policy you can use other alternative ads with google adsense.

  • Adbrite: Adbrite is one of the best adsense alternative. Adbrite has flexible terms and conditions. They offer several ad formats including inline text and full page ads. You can set your own advertising rates, approve or reject ads purchased on your site or let Adbrite auto approve every ads. Join Adbrite Ad Network and monetize your websites and blogs.
  • Adtoll: has a great user interface. Adtoll pays by Paypal, cheque and bank transfer. Adtoll allows you to advertise your website from your earning. Join Adtoll adsense alternative and earn money online.
  • Another very good adsense alternative is Chitika. Join Chitika and earn money from your website and blog. Chitika pays by Paypal and minimum payout is 10$.

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